Meet Spout

With a minimalist design and a direct to port attachment, Spout is here to stealthily improve air quality in all types of pod-style float tanks.

  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • 1 year warranty
  • Sits over the top air port and adheres with caulk (included).


Mandala Float is bringing top notch improvements to the float community. I couldn't have been happier the day I installed my Float Pod, but that quickly subsided during my first float when the air became hot, stuffy, and uninhabitable. After a little research, I came across Mandala Float and their Ninja ventilation fan. I knew I had to get it right away, and boy was I happy I did. Float quality was improved dramatically! As time went by I noticed it was getting a little stuffy again. This is mostly due to the poor passive circulation the pod has. After talking with Luke, he came up with the new and improved Spout fan. This new design really made things perfect and I didn't have to have the fan set to the high speed, so it was perfectly silent in the pod while floating. I didn't have to crack the lid to cool things off! Finally a perfect float! If you are suffering from poor air quality in your pod or tank then you have to try out a Mandala Fan. They really get 6 out of 5 stars for design, quality, and customer service!


~ Jeff Spinks, Driftaway Float Center

Spout (for pod-style vessels)

Quite possibly the best thing you could do for your pod is to add a Spout Fan!

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