Custom Float Room Packages*

1st generation (discontinued)

2nd generation (discontinued)

3rd generation base package $11,800


fiberglass float pool. Made in the USA in a dedicated fiberglassing facility. Efficiently Spacious size is comfortable for one or two.

smart filtration system: flow rate of pump is adjustable to meet your particular build. filtration cycle scheduling for overnight, closed days, vacation etc. , flow vis flow meter, delta uv, 100 square foot filter, digital in line heater, and custom mandala skimming system.

under tank heating system. reliable & easy, Set it and forget it.

premium sound system. An evolution in float tank audio.

underwater lighting system. Fiber optic construction ensures you Never need to replace an underwater bulb.

all inclusive package: $14,250

includes base package, plus:

overhead infrared heating system. The main source of heat in the float room is the float pool itself. The overhead infrared heating system helps round out the temperature profile, creating the ideal float environment.

+$ research. ballpark $1,000 hard cost

backup pump. in case of a pump failure, backup pump can be swapped in within 5 minutes, keeping your floats on schedule and giving plenty of time for pump repair.

make this a modular upgrade, available for both builds. ballpark $690 hard cost

smart LED multicolor overhead lighting system. Set custom fades with Indirect lighting, along with music, to create a gentle & effective end of session signal.

Hue strip, Hue bridge. ballpark $160 hard cost

*Prices shown are credit card prices. Cash price (bank check, ACH direct deposit) is 3.5% less.

Float System includes phone and email support, installation instructions, operational guide, and other helpful materials.

Comes with 5 year warranty on pool structure and under tank heating system through Mandala, and a 1 year warranty on other parts through their manufacturer warranty.

Just the Pool $3,500

Includes phone and email support, installation instructions, operational guide, and other helpful materials.

Comes with 5 year warranty on pool structure.

Additional options include hard installed speaker mounting plates, filtration ports, and our fiber optic lighting system.

Purchasing details:

60% down payment is required to begin production. The remaining 40% payment is due within 5 business days of equipment delivery. Full down payment is also an option, and earns a $75 discount. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks from payment to delivery.

Financing Available

We appreciate that finding funding can be one of the biggest challenges in opening a float center, and we are pleased to offer financing for your float system(s).

As our financing is actually an equipment lease (with a $1 buyout after 36 month lease), it does not go against the total amount you are borrowing to build your float center, which frees up capitol for the rest of your project.

Contact us with questions, or simply click here to fill out our credit application form.

Note: You may enter $13,000 per float room for equipment and shipping, or $15,500 per float room for equipment, shipping, and some money towards installation.


additional costs to receive and install a float pool

An essential component in any float room is some kind of room heat. We recommend an overhead infrared heater, which will cost about $1,000 including paying an electrician to hardwire it. A much cheaper option in warmer climates is a simple wall mounted heater, such as an Envi which is about $140.

Once your pool is installed you will need some kind of solid surface around it, such as tile or acrylic panel. In our float center we used cultured marble for the pool surround and splashguard, shower pan, and shower walls. We spent about $3,800 per room on marble (including spacious custom showers). The cost of tile should be slightly less than that. If you're going for the extreme budget option, a prefabricated shower will start at about $400.

Our ADA/ANSI compliant open float room using cultured marble for surround and shower, and Takiron Pathways flooring.

Our ADA/ANSI compliant open float room using cultured marble for surround and shower, and Takiron Pathways flooring.

Crating is $180 per pool.

The cost of freight depends on some moving variables. Before submitting your order we can get you an accurate quote on freight. We are located in the Midwest, and as of January 2018 the average price to a commercial location in California for one pool is about $800. Two pools can be stacked together and shipped to the same address for about $1,100.

There are some other costs involved with getting your Mandala float system functioning:

  • Plumber to assemble filtration equipment: $400 (or free if you do it yourself)

  • Electrician to hook up components $500

  • Contractor to frame and insulate pool surround: $400 (or do it yourself)

  • Miscellaneous materials $300 (filtration system tubing, caulk, grab bars)

  • Stereo receiver $150

  • Philips Hue lighting system $180

  • Smartphone or tablet for lights and music automation $200

  • Outlet timer for filtration system $35

  • Solid surface pool surround and splashguard $500

In summary

The costs that are specific to purchasing, receiving, and installing a Mandala float system add up to about $14,500. With the average cost of a float tank coming in around $16,000, we feel you are getting exceptional value with building your own custom Mandala float room.

cost of building a float center

In any buildout there is going to be HVAC, electrical, plumbing, framing, and permitting costs. In some areas an architect is optional below a certain cost of build out. The overall cost of building a float center varies dramatically, and depends on major factors such as:

  • cost of living in your area

  • existing infrastructure of your building

  • square footage

  • the materials you choose

A note about HVAC. Ventilation systems for open float rooms do not need to be complicated. Because of the shower you will most likely be required by local code to have an exhaust fan in the float room. In our center we do not even use our exhaust fan. We drilled a 3" hole in the ceiling for passive intake, and the hot humid air naturally leaves through the duct work of the exhaust fan. The room is very comfortable while floating, and at night we put on a pool cover to let the room rest and dry completely overnight. Because this works great for us, we recommend you keep your HVAC system simple.