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Expansive and cozy at the same time, our designs and equipment provide a deeply satisfying quality of float.


With the familiar look of an elegant bath tub, our float pools appeal to all types.
The pool and optional filtration housing are integrated into the room, creating a coherent atmosphere.


Ease of entry for all body types, can even be made to be wheelchair accessible.

unique benefits:

  • Can be designed into rooms that other float tanks cannot.

  • 8' by 4'8" float area can accommodate two people.

  • Immensely customizeable atmosphere & function.

  • Mitigates claustrophobia concerns.

  • Truly wonderful quality of float.

Every mandala is a unique creation.

It starts with finding the center of your medium, and then creating outward from there. We have made our Mandala Float Pool to be simple and true, to be the quiet center point of the float sanctuary you create.

From wheelchair accessibility to advanced lighting and acoustics, the open template can accommodate practicality and luxury.

Here are some custom Mandala Float Rooms: