Create Your Own Ventilation Fan


After 3 years of creating and sending my fans all over the world, I have decided to hand over these fan designs to the float community. The Ninja Fan was Mandala’s very first product, and the experience of serving the world wide float community has been one of the main contributors to Mandala’s continued evolution.
My 3D design & production attention is now moving on to new projects, and I feel great about sharing these fan designs so that they can continue to enhance the float experience world wide!

Thank you to all Mandala customers, old and new. You are the reason that I love what I do, and can continue doing it. ~Luke

Use the links below to download the files and plans, and use the donate button and/or tag us on social media to share the love.

Thanks, and have fun with this!


Ninja Fan .stl file
Spout Fan .stl file

Fan Grill .stl file

Fan Dowel


Parts Sourcing & Assembly
Ninja Fan Installation Instructions
Spout Fan installation instructions