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built to last


And carries a 5 year warranty. 

Set it and forget it.

centering effect

Here we have two heaters working together the long way, towards the outer edge from center. Heat rising from both creates a "convection bowl" effect. This effect in a nice large pool shepherds your earthly cells to center, relieving the mind from spatial duties and thus deepening the float.

Room Heat

In addition to heating the float pool, the float room must also be heated. Some good options include far infrared ceiling panels, cove heating, and wall mounted heaters. While we do not supply room heating systems there are many good options out there, including cove and far infrared panels available at, and Envi wall mounted heaters 

Note: in most cases air conditioning is not needed in the float room.

A note about heating:

As every location and room has slightly different characteristics, it is likely that you will need to do a few floats to calibrate the water and room temperatures. Keep this in mind if you're in a big hurry to host floats.


Filtration System information:

  • NSF certified 3/4 horse pump
  • CSA certified UV system
  • NSF certified 50 sq. foot filter
  • UL certified 220v 23 amp in line heater
  • 57gpm flow rate accomplishes a 3x turnover every 15 minutes


Two transducer speakers are installed in our Float Pool, one at head and one at feet. The sound is clear and powerful. 

The speakers are wired to a remote stereo receiver, which plays music through a smartphone or tablet. Alarms can be set in the device to fade the music on and off when you want it.


One of our favorite aspects of design in a float system is the lighting. Quality lighting helps to frame the float experience, and because of the capabilities with dimension that come with incorporating our Float Pool, you have the opportunity to make your float room look and feel special.

Fiber Optic Lighting System

Because we use LED fiber optics in our underwater light, you will never have to get under the pool to replace a burned out bulb. The LED illuminator is placed a few feet away from the pool and is easily changeable if it ever burns out. The light from the illuminator makes its way into the water through the fiber optic bundle, which shines through the underwater light niche.

Choose a single color from the rainbow, a gentle fade between, or our favorite is "white", which is all the colors at once, and makes the water glow.

Heating System.png

Overhead Lighting

Through experimentation in our float centers we have found that we prefer a subtle overhead light fade to be our preferable end of session signal. Our recommended setup is using our fiber optic underwater lighting system in the pool, and overhead install Philips Hue in the room. This provides a nice blend of floater comfort and timing control.