Choose Potential

After 40 minutes or so of somehow holding on to my tension patterns while floating tonight, I relaxed into another indescribable spell of pure, clear consciousness.

During that time I could have thought about anything.
But I didn't.

Tensions would sometimes come, tensions that would normally precipitate as a string of thought. But tonight I let them go.

This reminds me of what Bruce Lee said about reacting to input.
He said (paraphrased) that a fly, or a deer, or a tiger, does not choose their responses; it's all instinct.
In contrast, a well trained mind reacts only to what it chooses to.
Therein lies true freedom, and true power.

These tendencies of will within my mind are fundamental to my experience.
What a gift to float next to them, illuminated, so that I may more willfully choose.

2 week float intensive

I think that my source is pure creativity, and as I get closer to the core, it gets more awesomely interesting. I usually stop short, distracted by glistening thoughts. I know that deeper there are some patterns that are creating my world. I want to witness these patterns, and maybe even proposition some changes. There are some things about my life that I do wish to change. It seems like discipline might be the way to get there.