Custom Float Rooms, and More.

Welcome to our website! And thank you for taking the time to be here.

We are a collective of float center owners across North America who own and operate our own Mandala Float Rooms. We come together with 30+ years of experience in the float industry in order to create world class, custom float rooms for others. We share a deep respect for floatation therapy itself, and we have a passion for helping others create these healing and enhancing environments for themselves, and their circles.

When creating our float centers we were intimately involved with or DIYed every aspect of building our float centers into what they are today. From designing the floor plan, to meeting with city officials, to excavating plumbing lines and hanging drywall, we formed an invaluable knowledge base. Now operating our own Mandala float equipment in our float centers, and working for other startups since 2016, we bring an unparalleled level of experience and service to this niche industry. And we’re only getting started.

Have a look around, and please be in touch so that we may be of service.

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