Is there A difference in the open float experience as compared to a pod, cabin, or tank?

Here we have apples and oranges and grapefruits and tomatoes. It may be a surprise to some that there is a varying level of float quality between different tanks, pods, and cabins. Also the same float tank installed in two different rooms may feel drastically different, depending on heat source and ventilation. The open pools we have installed in our float center ( Deep Floatation Therapy ) have the best float quality we have experienced anywhere. If you have any doubts come visit us and float it for yourself.

We love open float pools because they are an expanded opportunity for you, the owner, to hold the kind of space that you want to hold. The maxim here is: Keep it simple, and do the basics (heating, ventilation, and chemistry) well.


Is there a difference on the float attendant side as compared to a pod, cabin, or tank?

Yes. We find tanks and cabins to be the hardest to clean, and then pods, and then open concept rooms are the easiest. In our center we have a very easy time cleaning because we can see and access everything.  Note that the customer appreciates being able to easily see everything as well, to assess what they are getting themselves into.


What size of float suite does an open pool require?

Short answer: Minimum 9' x 10'. Standard 9' x 12'. Luxury 10' x 14' and larger.

Long answer: Send us a room schematic including door location and swing, plumbing access, and any immovable structures and we can better answer this question.

how much is crating and shipping?

Crating is $200 per pool

We are located in the Midwest, and as of June 2016 for example the average price to the California for one pool is just over $700. Two pools can be stacked together and shipped to the same address for about $1,100.

Do you do site visits and installations?

We do site visits, yes! If you're considering having us come out we do recommend it. The price of the site visit depends on your location. Beyond the system components installed on the float pool itself, installations are mostly handled by you or your contractors.

i'm interested, but this seems too diy for me.

We understand it can sound daunting to create your own masterpiece of a float suite.  The great news is, it's really not much different than making a nice bathroom. If you're not the DIY type you will be having contractors do the work anyway, and our float pool is basically a huge bath tub, only easier to install because of the generous lip width. Advanced implements in your float suite such as radiant heating panels, glass enclosure, and a silent exhaust fan will also be familiar territory for your contractors. So dream it and create it!