"out of darkness, there was light"

One of our favorite aspects of design in a float system is the lighting. Quality lighting helps to frame the float experience, and because of the capabilities with dimension that come with incorporating our Float Pool, you have the opportunity to make your float room look and feel special.

float cabin

Fiber optic lighting system

We use LED fiber optics so you'll never have to get under the pool to replace a burned out bulb. Choose a single color from the rainbow, a gentle fade between, or our favorite is "white", which is all the colors at once, and makes the water glow.

A la carte2.png

overhead lighting

Through experimentation in our float centers we have found that we prefer a subtle overhead light fade to be our preferable end of session signal. Our recommended setup is using our fiber optic underwater lighting system in the pool, and overhead install Philips Hue in the room. This provides a nice blend of floater comfort and timing control.