Dual heating system


set it and forget it

These heaters are expected to last a long time. To be safe, we've installed a complete backup system. Heating carries a robust 5 year warranty.

The control system is sophisticated in that it learns how to keep temperature swings in check, and simple in that up and down arrows on a digital readout are how you control it. ( .1 F settings)

centering effect

Here we have two heaters working together the long way, towards the outer edge from center. Convection from both creates a "warmth bowl." This effect in a nice large pool shepherds your earthly cells to center, giving the mind a break from spatial duties and thus deepening your float.

Dual Heating System comes in 120v or 220v. 800watts. 120v systems will need to be on a dedicated 20amp circuit. To be clear, that's 2 separate 20amp circuits for a complete float system including filtration and lighting.