~ open float ~

We believe that every float spa/center should have at least one open float room. Some clients prefer the open design because a tank or cabin looks too confined. Some are attracted to the open float room because while they are comfortable in a float tank or cabin, they love the presentation and feel of the open float room. Others cherish it because it's the only float device that they can get in and out of.

Because of the appeal to otherwise unreachable clients, and the capacity to make a completely unique and/or technologically sophisticated float room, the Mandala Open Float Pool is a wonderful choice for your business or home.

If you are are attracted to the open design, we encourage you to first imagine your ideal float suite. For ideas and examples of what others have done you can do an image search of "open float room." The great thing is, if you imagine it you can do it. Perhaps for less cost than a new float pod or float cabin.

a brief video introduction to Metta,
 and some design examples:

and a fly by: